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Exciting ages are ever stimulating, and Daring to Challenge seems the appropriate attitude to tackle ever generous
fields of research:

Bio-Inspired Computing

Nature offers a wealth of inspiration: its solutions were tested over time that we, engineers, cannot afford, all done in an authentically dynamic environment. Biological features such as robustness and adaptability are extremely desirable in engineering. Our main goal is building novel systems that inspire from nature to bring computing a new dimension.

Computer Architecture and Design

The paradigm of classical computing is hard pressed for delivering a constant performance boost, thus requiring continuous improvement in both architectures and fundamental algorithms. The advent of pervasive and ubiquitous computing also stimulates novel approaches, emphasizing the need for low-power design approaches and embedded systems.

Dependability of Computing Systems

Mankind has stepped into the outer space and needs to depend on a variety of computer systems. Space exploration requires normal operation of on-board systems over extended periods of time when regular maintenance is impossible, therefore requiring additional measures such as reconfiguration techniques and replication of functional resources.

Quantum Computing

What about a different paradigm in computing? Quantum bits, superposed states and entanglement are all there, and together they bring the promise of solving tomorrow in polynomial time what today still remains exponential. With the technological advances in this field, quantum computing will probably become affordable in the years to come.

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