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Timisoara, ROMANIA

Timisoara is a nice city with baroque influences (here is a satellite view of the city). It has a long history, being first mentioned by Ptolemeus under the name of Zambara. After the roman conquest of Dacia it became known as Tibiscum and later as Temeswar, during the austrian administration. The remains of the roman fortifications, as well as a portion of its medieval castle can still be visited today. The city also has an old brewery dated 1718.

Plane Access
The international airport ( is situated near the city, at about 5 kilometers distance. There are three operators that offer domestic and international flights:

3-5 Revolutiei Blvd.
Tel: +40-256-493563
Tel: +40-256-200003
Fax: +40-256-490150

Austrian Airlines
44 C.D. Loga Blvd.
Tel: +40-256-494600
Tel: +40-256-490320
Fax: +40-256-494605

Tel: +40-256-494600
Tel: +40-256-490320
Fax: +40-256-494605

Train Access
The railway network allows reaching just about any destination in Romania. See the Romanian railway server for details (

Car Access
From the Hungarian border there are several possibilities to head for Timisoara. The most recent customs facility (and probably the most recommendable) is Cenad, in the Timis county.

In Arad county one may choose between Turnu and Nadlac (Nagylak in hungarian), but keep in mind that Nadlac also serves as a transit point for commercial traffic.

Parking a small car in Timisoara requires a TelPark ticket. These allow for parking times of half an hour (red, about 0.25 Euros), an hour (blue, about 0.35 Euros), or a whole day (green, about 0.6 Euros).

Public Transportation
Busses, trolleys, and trams are available and cover just about everything in the city. Prices are the same at about 0.25 Euros per fare (or just under 0.5 Euros for two fares). Cruising on the Bega Channel with the boat is also possible during summer days.

Hotels in Timisoara offer a wide range of services.

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